Dunrovin offers a variety of riding opportunities with our smooth gaited Tennessee Walking Horses - both on the ranch and in the surrounding Lolo National Forest. Weather may influence where we ride, but rarely does it hinder riding. Fog and rain lend mystery and enchantment to the experience as easily as late afternoon sun illuminating bear grass blooms; while a little dusting of late spring or early autumn snow can create an enchanting forest that gives both horse and rider energy and delight.  
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Our riding opportunities include short corral sessions for groups, riding lessons, ranch rides along the Bitterroot River, part day and full day scheduled rides deep into the mountains, personalized rides for your group only, pony sessions for the kids, and special rides for very special occasions (an anniversary ride to a secret dining spot in the mountains, an engagement ride with a hidden diamond ring, etc.). With superb, athletic and responsive horses, expert instruction and guidance, hundreds of miles of trail to explore, and a creative staff ready to put together just the right ride for you, there simply is no better place for horseback riding than Dunrovin Ranch!   


All Dunrovin rides start with a short lesson in our riding arena to provide the rider with the information and confidence to really enjoy their time with their equine partner. It also gives us a chance to carefully match the right horse with each rider, adjust the saddle to ensure a comfortable ride, and answer any questions.

Riders are provided with a safety helmet, water bottles, and a “comfort kit” with some essentials that they might need along the trail – sunscreen, energy bar, bug repellent, sanitary hand wash, tissues, and lip balm. These items all fit in the “horn bag,” a bag that drapes over the saddle horn and is easily accessible to the rider throughout the ride. These bags have plenty of extra room for personal items such as cameras and cell phones.

Riders should be sure to wear long pants and shoes with a smooth, sturdy sole and small heel. We do have a selection of cowboy boots that clients can borrow if they lack appropriate footwear. Long sleeve shirts are also advised. Layer clothing is always best when going out in Montana’s back country – thunder storms can come out of nowhere! Dunrovin provides riding rain slickers that cover your entire body.

River and Ranch Rides

River and Ranch Rides are our most popular rides, offering approximately one to two hours in the saddle. Both rides start in our arena with individual instruction to ensure that horse and rider are working together. River rides ford the Bitterroot River and continue onto adjacent public land, traveling upstream along the riparian area, through the forest, and across some open meadows. The ride culminates with a short up-hill to an overlook, offering views of the Heavenly Twins down the Bitterroot, Ch-paa-qn Peak west of Missoula, the Rattlesnake Wilderness and even part of the Lewis and Clark Trail. Ranch Rides meander along the Bitterroot river and through a beautiful wetland meadow. Both rides conclude back at the ranch.

Part and Full Day Trail Rides – Personalized

Personalized rides are just that – personalized to your particular groups needs and limited to your private group. Part day rides are four hours in length and full day rides can be up to nine hours. Personalized rides have a three-person minimum and can accommodate groups up to eight people in size. Rides can vary in duration and speed, depending on your preference and comfort level. There are always options to stop for hiking, drawing, photography, or swimming in a cold mountain lake. Consider starting early in the morning for the best wildlife viewing, or ending late in the evening to capture a sunset. If you’re a history buff, make sure to ask about our Lewis & Clark ride – and ride in the hoof prints of history. Hearty snacks are provided on part day rides while full day rides include a picnic lunch. Simply give us a call and we’ll help you design your own unforgettable ride. Personalized rides must be scheduled in advance

Pony Sessions

Pony sessions give youngsters a chance to ride our one of our three ponies. Cool Dude, a moderately sized Pony of America, is perfect for older children while Bonnie & Clyde, our two miniature Shetlands, are sized for even the youngest buckaroos. Pony sessions can be 30 minutes to an hour in length.

Looking for Something More for Your Children?

Dunrovin also offers a variety of special programs for kids of all ages. Check out Dunrovin Kid’s Programs for details on after school riding lessons, summer horse camps, drop-in lessons, and more!


Weekly Riding Passes

For the avid horseback rider, Dunrovin Ranch offers a weekly riding pass that covers daily riding activities for a full seven day. Activities vary from day to day and may include riding lessons, ranch rides, part and full day trail rides, corral sessions, and horseback games.

Special Rides for that Special Occasion

Dunrovin loves nothing better than creating totally unique rides for special occasions; propose to your sweetheart on a mountain top with a diamond hidden in you saddle bags; ride with your spouse to a Lolo Peak overlook for an unexpected formal dinner with table linens, music, and champaign to celebrate your anniversary; take your 12 year old daughter and her friends on a birthday ride to find a cake and presents waiting under a tree; or invite your girl friends for a horseback tea party!  We are limited only by our imaginations!

Prices for special rides depend on the length of the ride, special arrangements, additional materials, and staff labor required to plan and conduct the ride. Call Dunrovin to get started on building a very memorable ride to impress that special person in your life!

Wilderness Pack Trips

If you are looking for a real adventure, let Dunrovin Ranch plan a special wilderness pack trip just for your group. We work with outfitters, historians, artists, scientists, private ranchers, cowboys, horse trainers, and adventurers throughout the state to put together unique journeys across spectacular landscapes with great food and camping gear, and with experts to show you the way, teach you new skills, inspire your creativity, and tell the stories that make Montana the Last Best Place. Prices vary with the route, the number of days, and the teachers and guides involved. Previous Dunrovin expeditions have included horsemanship clinics, photographic workshops, western history, and music festivals; and routes have included the Bob Marshall Wilderness Area, the Great Burn Wilderness Study Area, the Bull Mountains of eastern Montana, and the Absaroka and Crazy Mountains. Call us to describe your dream trip and we will make it happen for you! Trip costs depend on the location, the number of experts, and the group size. The minimum group size is 6 and the maximum is 8.


Family Horseback Pack Trips

Take your family on a true Montana adventure with a mule train carrying your camp gear into a wilderness camp. Designed especially to appeal to families with children 8 or older, this trip offers an easy horseback trip with lots of kids’ activities. Let wilderness packer Todd Earp teach your family how the mountain men of yester year did it. Pack trips take you into the Great Burn Wilderness Area along the Montana and Idaho Border. We can take you for a single overnight or a multiple day adventure. The minimum group size is 6 and the maximum is 8.

Riding Lessons

If you’re not sure that you’re ready to hit the trail, a riding lesson might be a good idea. Lessons are all- encompassing and include time for brushing and tacking up your horse—to give you a more personal connection to your equine partner.  Spend time in the arena focusing on your particular interests or needs with one of Dunrovin’s several instructors.  Lessons usually last up to one hour, but can be arranged for longer. Please call us to determine which instructor best compliments your goals. Cost is dependent on instructor.


Corral Sessions

Corral sessions offer a safe opportunity to experience horses within the confines of the ranch’s corral. This is perfect for family outings with younger children (children must be at least eight years old to head out on the trail) or groups with varying age levels, interests and abilities. Corral sessions vary from one to two hours in length and often include games, gaiting and general horsemanship.